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What's the Story Morning Glory?

Meet the Team

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Grant Worthington

The man behind the food.

Grant and his brother Nathan set up Aloha Foods Co from their passion of healthy culinary.

“We believe that food is at its best when cooked from fresh so we created a menu that holds true to our beliefs. All our ingredients are locally sourced because we understand how important community is.”

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Nathan Worthington

The man behind the food.

Nathan and his brother Grant set up Aloha Foods Co from their passion of healthy culinary.

One of the reasons we created Aloha was to show that healthy food isn’t always boring, it doesn’t always have to be ‘just a salad’.
We picked our favourite proteins, carbs and sauces and I recreated them in a healthier and tastier way, for example our simple home made marinades which we use to tenderise the chicken for 48 hours before cooking.

I also recreated a whole new level of burrito’s, where else in Stamford could you find a king prawn or tofu burrito?
I genuinely think cooking is all about experimenting and using different flavours in order to bring together something that compliments one another.

Our Story

"Our Vision is to make it EASY for EVERYONE to eat good food!"


 In 2017 Aloha Foods Co, a contemporary health conscious restaurant was born!

Created by Grant and Nathan, Two brothers with a mission to prove that healthy fast contemporary food IS possible. Their focus is on creating clean and healthy meals without sacrificing taste or adventure!


Grant has a background in both Nutrition & Healthcare / personal trainer, Whilst Nathan, a former chef at a local Michelin star restaurant, likes to bring his unique touch to the menu.

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